Lift 18, 'Ovovia', is one of the two main lifts of the 'T.O.P.' ski area at Abetone. It was installed in 2003.

This 8-person Leitner gondola has a capacity of 2400 persons per hour, taking just 7 minutes to go from the base station at 'Casa Cantoniera' (1330m) to the summit of 'Monte Gomito' (1892m).

This is not quite the highest peak at Abetone, but it affords the best panoramic viewpoint and from here pistes run in many directions, enabling access to all the resort areas.

All pistes from here are wholly or partly red and Abetone's only official black starts from here too, so some caution is advised - only intermediates and above should attempt these runs.

Immediately at the lift exit, the 'Monte Gomito' mountain restaurant is an ideal point for a short break or a bite to eat. Even non-skiers will enjoy the view which, on a fine day can stretch from the Alps to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Alternatively, near the lift entrance at the bottom of the slope, the 'Ovovia' self-service restaurant offers genuine Tusco-Emilio cuisine featuring freshly made pasta dishes including 'funghi porcini' - wild mushrooms - and even wild game when in season.

As for desserts, delicious local 'frutti di bosco' - fruits of the forest - are a highly recommended choice.

Outside the restaurant, a wide area is available to relax in comfortable deckchairs and catch a few of the sun's rays! Meanwhile you can watch learners making progress on the nearby rolling carpet lift and see enthusiasts arriving from the mountain top.

For those seeking to link to 'Pulicchio', Piste 28, 'Zeno 3' is a fairly challenging red at first and care is needed to ensure that you don't miss the left turn onto Piste 25, 'Raccordo Zeno 3 - Pulicchio' or you'll end up back at the bottom of 'Ovovia' again!